Fighting for what's right

We’re the Army – the fighting force of New Zealand. Highly trained, committed, loyal and passionate, we work together to protect the country, safeguard its interests and support our allies.

The Army is part of the New Zealand Defence Force – a Force for New Zealand – and works closely with the Navy and the Air Force as well as other Government and non-government agencies.


Apprenticeship Trades

When you've got a trade, you're set for life.


On the front-lines, every decision counts.

Engineering & Technical Trades

Keep our machinery fully operational and ready for action.


Keeping our people well-fed, with a balanced, healthy diet is a crucial part of Defence Force.

Intelligence, IT & Communications

Understand, control and analyse the systems and information that keep our forces in-the-know.

Logistics & Administration

Heroes come in many forms, from the front-lines, to the people working hard to get them there and keep them well-supplied.

Medical & Health

To operate to our full capacity our personnel need to be mentally and physically healthy.


Learn in-demand skills and solve the problems other people simply can't.

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