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Our intimate knowledge of the student recruitment and student decision making process means we can help you craft a campaign strategy that gets results.
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Display Ads

Student attraction campaigns.

StudySpy receives 50,000+ page views every single month.

Run student attraction campaigns on StudySpy. Display Ads feature in key strategic positions on StudySpy to capture audience engagement. Be creative and take advantage of the variety of formats we offer. Takeover’s are particularly powerful! Promote your content, when and where students are looking.

Download our latest Media Kit here for rates.

Promote with Display Ads

Search Ads

33% of all search traffic click on the first result. Promote your course or scholarship to the top of search results.

StudySpy receives 70,000 searches per month.

  1. Identify your courses and scholarships you want to promote.
  2. Provide the Keywords you want to rank first for. (Just like Google)
  3. Rank at the top of search results and be first in line for attention from prospective students.
  4. Only pay for times your ad is clicked. (Starting at $5 CPC)

Download our latest Media Kit here.

Promote with Search Ads

Performance Dashboard

All campaigns come with an online performance dashboard that provides real time reporting.

Data-driven marketing campaigns.

  • Crunch the numbers to find insights in your data.
  • Understand what’s working, and what can be improved. StudySpy insights improve your ROI.
  • We work with you to adapt your campaign to optimise results.
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We help you deliver your message to an audience in the moment they are making decisions on what and where to study.


We work with you to define which formats will best reach your target market. Use Display Ads, Search Ads (to promote your content to the top of search results) or sponsored content. Download our latest Media Kit here for specs.


With so many available channels for spending your marketing budget, knowing which one gives you the highest ROI is vital. Organisations who use us enjoy excellent returns.

Rebecca Davidson, Marketing Manager at WelTec & Whitireia

“We always struggled to connect with students at the right time in their tertiary planning, because every student has a different decision-making timeframe!

StudySpy is cost-effective for us because we’re not pushing content that isn’t relevant, we’re sharing information that helps students make more informed choices when it comes to selecting a programme of study.

We’ve been lucky to be working with the StudySpy team and loved every minute of it!”