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In the last 12 months StudySpy has been used over 280,000 times by prospective students, parents, teachers and careers advisers.

Use our search and display ads to help your course stand out to prospective students. Add calls to action, like enquiry forms and "visit provider website" buttons to turn student interest into enrolments.

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“We always struggle to connect with students at the right time in their tertiary planning, because every student has a different decision-making timeframe! With Study Spy, we know our programmes are available for students to search whenever they're ready.

It's cost-effective for us because we're not pushing content that isn't relevant, we're sharing information that helps students make more informed choices when it comes to selecting a programme of study.

We've been lucky to be working with Study Spy for the last 6 months and loved every minute of it!”

Rebecca Davidson
Rebecca Davidson, WelTec & Whitireia