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In 2009 our founders, Helen Sabell and Rob Golding stepped away from their senior roles in the public education system, and courageously began the College for Adult Learning. 

They wanted to change the way we deliver adult education. From small beginnings, they handcrafted bespoke courses to tailor to those with more experience. Realising the new direction of education, they took their college online to deliver their courses around Australia.

They built the foundation for an RTO that is committed to making a difference and inspiring transformation through learning.

After a decade of education, we are approaching 10,000 student enrolments, and our small team has grown from 3 to now 40.

As we prepare and plan for the next ten years, we have the opportunity to reflect on our past. We’re in the best position to continue our passionate pursuit for education and ignite real change in the world. 

We will always value first, above all else, lifelong learning and you – our students.

We are making a positive difference in people’s lives; near and far, directly and indirectly, and we can’t wait for what the future holds!

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