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Virtual Production Dojo, a specialist private training enterprise that is built upon Not-For-Profit principles with an emphasis on training the next generation of specialist solution providers.

As a think tank training program, Virtual Production Dojo aims to fill this void by offering hands-on training in Virtual Production, Animation, Filmmaking and Gamification.

The program would be a testbed program and the first of its kind training in emerging technologies in New Zealand as a knowledge-sharing framework where those with creative skills and technical programming knowledge can work on a prototype sprint with their cohort.

The curated educational programs aim to provide participants with exposure to new and emerging technologies, enabling specialist solution providers prepared for the developing creative industries.

“Ethnic & Indigenous Communities is a vast pool of talented, well educated, and experienced professionals. However, many of these individuals, out of circumstantial necessity, are unable to pursue their creative capabilities.

Virtual Production Dojo aims to empower and offer opportunities to those who, either through personal growth or being dispersed due to Covid-19, want to pursue their passion in the creative industries like the screen sector, independent filmmaking, game design, animation, augmented reality, virtual reality and more.

The program looks at removing the barrier of entry to learning and knowledge sharing by enabling the participants to have a sound understanding and methodologies of the processes enabling them to further research and explore their capabilities post the program. - Jeasy Sehgal - Founder”

The program aims to add resilience and confidence in the next generation of graduates and those with industry experience; ready for a career change, bringing a more resilient and curious talent pool into the market prepared for the coming age of virtual production, animation, gamification, and mixed entertaining experiences by building Virtual Production Capabilities and talent pool and engaging Ethnic & Indigenous Communities to provide better economic growth opportunities.

Virtual Production Dojo training provides contemporary skills in an industry-specific yet globally fast-growing field and broadens the spectrum for employment capabilities. There is a growing demand for such skills globally and locally, and it has immense future potential.

The program has been developed in consultation with Industry Stakeholders, Technology Partners, a well-experienced Advisory Team made up of local and international teams, with a view of training the talent capabilities in the screen sector for Virtual Production Methodologies.

Virtual Production Dojo is now accepting expressions of interest for their pilot program with a limited number of seats.


VPD Online

Virtual Production Dojo operates Online Training Campus. All training is provided fully online and remote.

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