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We’re The UNI Collective and we exist to provide a meaningful, hands-on training framework for people no matter what stage of their career, no matter what their learning style.

We created The UNI Collective for School Leavers, Graduates and Medium Sized Businesses wanting to develop staff through their business but don’t have the framework, budget or resource to manage training and development properly.

The UNI Collective is an in-house, turn-key Business Apprenticeship Program (BApp) as well as a suite of online courses, covering a range of soft skills, personal development and business theory at fixed cost.

"We believe, if staff have a base knowledge of business fundamentals they have a better understanding of the business and the part other departments play. This lifts productivity and makes the boat go faster!" 

We are passionate about creating a world where employers play a part in actively developing young people through their business no matter what their size through hands-on, industry lead learning and mentoring that suits the many different learners among us.

The UNI Collective was created out of frustration towards the high cost and ad-hoc nature of corporate training and the one size fits all higher education pathways in NZ. The results is that it is potentially excluding great young people from learning and developing meaning a large talent pool is being under-utilised.

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