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International Culinary Studio is the leader in offering online accredited New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) and City & Guild culinary courses and qualifications, together with numerous culinary short courses. Our learning environment is for people currently working in the industry who need to upskill themselves or get qualified, for people who find it too difficult to take time out to gain the next level of education so being able to undertake a formal qualification part-time is the answer, and of course we also have a keen following of inspired kitchen enthusiasts who are all wanting to learn more about this exciting field and study from home.

For the first time in chef education, we are truly bringing quality education online from any kitchen.

Our 360° learning system means you will feel like part of a college as though you were attending a college on a daily basis. Each new student is allocated a chef instructor who will be responsible for ensuring you enjoy the full benefits of online study.

Our courses include videos, full course instruction, chats with your instructor, chats with your fellow students, discussion forums, live streaming from our kitchens, webinars and group projects. We have combined the best practices from around the world and made it better and our instructors and industry experts are able to answer even the most advanced food questions.

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