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Established in 1990, Auckland Institute of Studies is one of New Zealand's leading independent degree-granting institutions. You will benefit from studying one of a wide range of NZQA-approved qualifications, including diploma and degree programmes in business, tourism management, hospitality management, information technology (IT), business administration, and English language. Our flexible three-semester system and cross credit recognition allows you to fast-track your studies and get a head start on your career.



St Helens Campus

Nestled within expansive, picturesque grounds, the St Helens Campus offers a serene and invigorating learning environment. Adjacent to the renowned Chamberlain Park Golf Course, the campus boasts a strategic location near Auckland’s North Western Motorway and the Baldwin Avenue train station. Commuting is effortlessly convenient with well-connected bus services traversing the nearby New North and Great North Roads.

At the St Helens Campus, an array of comprehensive programmes are offered, including English Language, Business, Tourism Management, Hospitality Management, Information Technology, and Business Administration. Our campus is equipped with modern amenities designed to enrich the academic journey. Among these amenities are a well-stocked library, state-of-the-art computer labs, seamless Wi-Fi connectivity, a vibrant cafeteria, comfortable dormitory accommodations, a serene devotional room, and recreational facilities like tennis courts. Ample free parking ensures hassle-free access for all.

The campus's name pays homage to its historical antecedent, St Helen’s Hospital. This tribute traces back to the establishment of the network of St Helens maternity hospitals throughout New Zealand in the early 1900’s by the illustrious New Zealand Prime Minister, Rt Hon Richard J Seddon, a native of the English town of St Helens. The legacy of excellence and dedication to learning continues to thrive within the walls of the St Helens Campus, fostering an environment where students can flourish both academically and personally.

Asquith Campus

The AIS Asquith Campus is located just over five minutes’ walk from the St Helens Campus. Courses in the following programmes are held at the Asquith Campus: Information Technology Business Tourism Management Hospitality Management The Asquith Campus has computer labs, Wi-Fi, a study room with access to library resources, a student training cafeteria, a fully-equipped gymnasium, a sports hall, a whanau room and free parking.

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