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The Whakatōhea Māori Trust Boards long term vision "Ko te kai hoki i Waiaua" - "To be “the food bowl that feed’s the world” describes what the organisation will look like in the future.  It serves as a guiding beacon that describes the future that the organisation aspires to be.  

This vision confirms our entrepreneurial spirit, grounded in the knowledge (mātauranga), and history of our cultural identity, language and heritage of being Whakatōhea.  It weaves together our past, present and future Strategic aspirations for being well educated, healthy, socially interactive, economically and commercially sound, and living in a resilient and prosperous environment.

Our Strategic Plan sets the direction for the Trust Board so that we the Board can better support ngā uri o te Whakatōhea and build a united and prosperous Whakatōhea nation. 

Our team who are employed by the Board are committed to making positive progress and realize that it is not just what we do as an organisation but how we do it that matters.  The tremendous work that is presently being sewn together to set our future generations paths are determined by the work that is greatly achieved together as a team to serve our whānau and hapū.  Supporting them to achieve their aspirations, and to foster a strong and vibrant Whakatōhea.  We have mapped a path where future generations may travel, and on the journey they will see the work that has been achieved by a dedicated & committed team.

Our aim is to ensure that our present assets are set by the foundations of our Vision, Purpose and Values guided by our Rangatira to lift and nurture the growth of our future generations.  Protecting and growing our cultural assets, natural assets and economic assets are important to us.  While these are all important, we realize that our people are our greatest asset - He Tangata, mai te iti ki te rahi. We cannot lose sight of this. 

This is a time now for healing and moving forward;  Tāwharaua Whakatōhea.

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