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About the provider

The Franklin Institute of Agri-Technology (Franklin Agritech) is located south of Auckland & Tauranga on the fringes of major horticulture growing areas of New Zealand.

Both the training centres are housed on horticulture production sites where students can grow plants themselves and learn hands-on growing skills.  The Institute is NZQA registered and offer NZQA accredited courses in Horticulture production. It operates as part and parcel of Rupex Group of companies which has been servicing the greens-supply chain for more than 20 years in New Zealand.

Horticulture is facing acute shortage of skilled manpower and offers long term career building opportunities to both men and women.  

Our Vision
Our broad vision is to provide relevant academic and practical training in the area of horticultural production to fulfil the needs of the horticultural industry.
Our Mission
Our aim is to teach students in such a manner that they are ready to take positions in the industry with minimal on-job training as operational personnel.

We offer One year teaching/training programme leading to NZ Certificate in Horticulture Production L4 and two year NZ Diploma in Horticulture production L5. The aim of training is to produce graduates ready to enter workforce. In general, our students and graduates have been well accepted in the horticulture industry.


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