Course details

Bachelor of Speech and Language Pathology
Domestic tuition $7,442 per year
International tuition $34,900
NZQF Level 7

About the course

Graduates have a theoretical and practical understanding in the field of communication disorders and the knowledge to begin a clinical career assisting clients as clinicians in schools and hospital settings, or pursue further study through to doctoral level. Graduates will have gained skills to provide services to children who have difficulty communicating because of problems in language development, in learning to read, with stutters or with difficulties producing speech appropriate to their age. Graduates will have gained skills to practice in medical settings providing services to those who have lost the ability to communicate or swallow effectively due to stroke, degenerative disease, brain injury or cancer.

Entry requirements

A New Zealand university entrance qualification, or equivalent. This degree is not open to new enrolments, but is available to students who have passed all courses and completed all other requirements for a BSLP(Hons) but whose performance in the courses is deemed not to be of Honours standard.

About the provider

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