National Certificate in Solar Water Heating Installation (Management, Selection and Specification) (Level 5)

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National Certificate in Solar Water Heating Installation (Management, Selection and Specification) (Level 5)
NZQF Level 5

About the course

This qualification is for registered plumbers wishing to gain competence in the specialist field of solar installation and design and management of solar installation. The content and structure has been developed to encourage good practice installation and management of solar system installation. While selection and specification is included, candidates are not expected to be competent solar system design engineers.

The qualification contains a compulsory section so that people credited with this qualification will be able to install and maintain roofing, rainwater handling, and cladding systems, and flashings; install, test commission and maintain solar water heating systems; demonstrate knowledge of solar water heating safety, system types and applications, regulatory compliance, and design; select and specify solar hot water systems; and manage their installation and commissioning. They will also be able to demonstrate knowledge of the legal system in New Zealand and apply the law of contract to solar hot water heating installation situations. As part of the safety aspects required for installation, they will be able to employ fall arrest systems on building and construction sites.

The elective section allows candidates to demonstrate competence in installing a solar system in one or both of the common roofing types, metal roof cladding or metal roof tiles.

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