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Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Management
NZQF Level 7

About the course

Graduates from the Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Management will have a comprehensive knowledge of the nature, characteristics and management of sport and recreation in New Zealand and around the world, and knowledge of the effects and consequences on the environments in which sport and recreation occurs. High performing graduates will be able to commence postgraduate study for an honours, masters or PhD degree. BSRM graduates will have the following attributes: An ability to be creative, to synthesise a wide range of knowledge, and to think critically through problem solving and research. An appreciation of the requirements for working as part of an interdisciplinary team dealing with a sport and recreation-based problem including the ability to identify problems and issues, put forward persuasive arguments and work effectively in teams. An ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing, to specific audiences using appropriate media. An ability to understand and evaluate the key social scientific concepts which underpin sport and recreation policy and provision in New Zealand, and of the institutional and legislative framework within which they must be applied. An ability to select and apply techniques for sport and recreation planning and programming in different settings. A sound knowledge of the key theoretical principles underlying the practice of sport and recreation management. An understanding of the professional skills and attitudes required of those practising within the sport and recreation industry, including the key requirement of self reflection and direction. A detailed understanding of contemporary issues in sport and recreation provision and management, and of the theoretical concepts needed to resolve such issues. An ability to select and apply appropriate management, planning, communication, educational or research skills and techniques to specific sport and recreational needs and settings.

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