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Playcentre Education Diploma in Early Childhood and Adult Education
NZQF Level 6

About the course

Candidates will have achieved competencies in the areas of: parenting, teaching, learning and development (including the design, facilitation, evaluation and management of learning for both young children (early childhood education) and adults (adult education)), adult communication, collaborative and organisational management skills applicable for leadership or team work roles with other adults in both the voluntary and employed sectors. The diploma provides a foundation for further educational or vocational pathways in a variety of fields including early childhood education, teacher aide work or special education, social work, family/parenting advocacy and support programmes, adult education and educational management.

About the provider

So, if you want to be an active parent ...

Imagine a place where you can go WITH your pre-school child, learn about child development, positive guidance, supporting play, communicating and cooperating with children and other adults for FREE, and by doing this training, ACHIEVE a NZQA approved qualification that you could ALSO use outside Playcentre for employment after your tamariki finish there, welcome to Playcentre Education!

Playcentre Education is our very own Tertiary Private Training Establishment.