National Certificate in Competitive Manufacturing (Level 4) with an optional strand in Facilitation

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National Certificate in Competitive Manufacturing (Level 4) with an optional strand in Facilitation
NZQF Level 4

About the course

This qualification is for leaders in competitive manufacturing who interact between members of their team and management. The qualification recognises the candidate''s knowledge and the skills required to lead change, implement a competitive manufacturing system and ensure process improvements are sustained. For those wishing to move into facilitation of competitive manufacturing teams, the Facilitation strand offers a wide choice of unit standards from relevant domains.

The qualification is structured to afford the maximum scope for career development within a range of processing industry disciplines that may include; administration, production, and value chain support areas. Training in competitive manufacturing will benefit people working in all areas of New Zealand manufacturing; including the dairy, food and related products, electricity supply, furniture, plastics and materials, printing, seafood and wood manufacturing industries, and the apparel and textile sectors.

Holders of this national certificate can progress to the National Diploma in Competitive Manufacturing [Ref: 1458].

This qualification has been registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) in line with the objectives of the Ministerial Declaration of Confidence - ''Mutual Recognition of Vocational Education and Training Qualifications between Australia and New Zealand'' and has been endorsed by the Competitive Manufacturing Consortium in New Zealand.

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