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National Certificate in Beauty Services (Nail Technology) (Level 3)
NZQF Level 3

About the course

The National Certificate in Beauty Services (Nail Technology) (Level 3) is awarded to people who have demonstrated the skills and knowledge required to perform a range of nail services at a professional level within the commercial environment. Graduates of this qualification have background skills and knowledge related to the anatomy and physiology of the nail; conditions of the nail and skin; the tools, equipment, products and safe operating procedures used in nail services; and micro-organisms that may be present in a salon environment. Graduates are able to work in a safe and professional manner within a salon, including making and maintaining appointments and records, displaying products and completing banking and payments procedures. They are able to conduct in-depth consultations to establish client needs, recommend nail products and services to meet client needs, and conduct agreed services in a professional manner. In particular, holders of this qualification are able to perform a manicure service, a pedicure service, nail augmentation services, and additional nail services.<br /><br />The standards within this qualification are all compulsory as they are considered to be the essential requirements for working as a Nail Technician within a commercial environment.<br /><br />This qualification may build upon the National Certificate in Beauty Services (Cosmetology) (Level 3) [Ref: 0631], and potentially lead to other qualifications in Beauty Services such as the National Certificate in Beauty Services (Beautician) (Level 4) [Ref: 1046]; the National Certificate in Beauty Services (Electrology) (Level 5) [Ref: 1048]; and the National Certificate in Beauty Services (Body Therapy) (Level 5) [Ref: 1049].

About the provider

Elite International School of Beauty and Spa Therapies is an independent private training establishment dedicated to Beauty Therapy and Spa Therapy training. Elite is government funded (TEC) and registered (NZQA) and offers qualifications over levels 4 and 5 on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework that are six months to 18 months in duration. Elite's origins date back to 1973 when a Dutch Beauty therapist named Joyce Blok opened the Beauty Therapy College of New Zealand, the first institution to offer professional beauty therapy training in New Zealand. She then went on to open the Joyce Blok institute. Both of these institutions form part of Elite International today.

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