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National Diploma in Aviation (Safety Management Systems)
NZQF Level 5

About the course

The National Diploma in Aviation (Safety Management Systems) [Ref: 1639] is designed to improve the understanding, and the overseeing of the use, of safety management systems within the aviation environment. The qualification is intended for people who work with an Aviation Regulator or work in the aviation industry, particularly in the fields of safety and risk management, or regulatory compliance.

The qualification comprises compulsory and elective standards. The compulsory section is designed to assess a broad range of management knowledge and skills, including managing: risk; safety management systems; safety policy and objectives, assurance, and promotion; and the development and use of a safety management system implementation plan.

The elective section allows candidates to select standards relevant to their workplace and career direction. The standards focus on managing operational risk management, audits, safety management system evaluation, and safety culture review and promotion.

People holding this qualification will be able to manage the introduction and ongoing use of safety management systems, as well as the use of safety management systems as a means of compliance by the Aviation Regulator.

People who have met the requirements of this qualification will also have achieved credits towards the award of the National Diploma in Aviation (Regulatory Oversight and Governance) [Ref: 1637], with which it shares credits in common. People with this qualification may also choose to undertake study towards the National Diploma in Aviation (Risk Management) [Ref: 1638].

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