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New Zealand Certificate in Mechanical Engineering
NZQF Level 3

About the course

The purpose of this qualification is to provide the mechanical engineering, construction, manufacturing, and fabrication industries with people who have sufficient underpinning knowledge, understanding, and practical skill to work under limited supervision as operators or trade assistants within their chosen discipline.

This qualification is designed for people already working in the industry or people intending to complete a pre-trade qualification before entering the industry.

Graduates will be capable of performing a defined range of engineering tasks under limited supervision.

About the provider

At NZ Welding School we aim to provide high quality welding courses and training to prepare students for a solid career in welding and engineering. We believe everyone can increase their potential through structured training with industry experts.

NZ Welding school delivers courses with high practical content and industry relevance. We work closely with industry professionals to ensure all our courses reflect current industry requirements and standards. We train students to a high standard that ensures they are industry ready before they graduate whether they finish at level 3 or level 4.

NZ Welding School provides work place training for ticket renewal and advanced employee training. We will customise any workplace training required to meet the needs of the individual and the workplace.