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Bachelor of Commerce
NZQF Level 7

About the course

Graduates from the Bachelor of Commerce will have attained a broad-based multi-disciplinary understanding of commerce theory and practice as well as proficiency in at least one specialist area within the discipline. They will be able to apply practical skills to the modern business world. All graduates will have the following attributes, together with specific attributes which will depend on their choice of major: Competence in the basic commerce subject areas of accounting, business management, corporate law, economics, finance, and marketing. Expertise in at least one area of specialisation as defined by the majors within the BCom. Advanced skills in analysis, critique, synthesis and problem solving. An ability to locate, acquire, evaluate, integrate and utilise information from a wide range of sources. The capacity to be a critical thinker capable of integrating new information into his or her understanding of issues to make well-informed decisions. The ability to extrapolate from knowledge and principles to solve new problems. An ability to exercise independent judgement. An ability to make use of appropriate technologies for research and communication in a commerce context. Competence in the use of basic mathematics and statistics. Organisational and time management skills. Having high standards of personal integrity and a commitment to ethical behaviour. Possessing an awareness of the key principles and practices underpinning sustainable activities and development. An international and multi-disciplinary perspective to knowledge. An ability to communicate effectively in formal and informal contexts to a wide range of audiences, in both written and oral forms. An ability to work with, and relate to, people from a wide range of backgrounds and communities.

Entry requirements

A New Zealand University entrance qualification or equivalent.

About the provider

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