Course details

New Zealand Certificate in Electricity Supply (Line Mechanic Distribution)
NZQF Level 4

About the course

The purpose of this qualification is to provide the electricity supply industry with people who have sufficient knowledge, practical skills and experience to gain registration as a line mechanic in the distribution sector, in accordance with the registration requirements of the Electrical Workers Registration Board (EWRB).

Graduates will be able to work safely to industry standards, taking responsibility for their work and that of others, and be capable of working independently whilst ensuring public safety.

About the provider

Industry Skills is a multi-award winning NZQA registered and accredited training provider specialising in the infrastructure industry. We provide industry training, workplace assessment, and management consultancy services nationwide.

Our company is involved with NZQA and ITO moderation and actively participate on NZQA review panels. Training through a NZQA quality assured Tertiary Education Organisation ensures that training delivery and assessment meets the Education Act and provides for an auditable quality assurance system for our customers. As an industry partner and quality provider, we have been recognised by the loyalty of our clients and the receipt of multiple ITO awards.