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National Certificate in Offender Management (Level 4)
NZQF Level 4

About the course

This certificate provides a nationally recognised qualification for those working or seeking work as a senior corrections officer engaged in providing safe, secure and humane containment of prisoners whilst working towards reducing re-offending.

The qualification builds on the National Certificate in Offender Management (Level 3) [Ref: 0678], and equips the trainee for more senior roles in the prison environment by:
. broadening the professional skills at level 3, so that the trainee has competence across a greater range of activities performed in a normal prison;
. adding word processing and report writing skills to improve administrational capability;
. adding interpersonal communication skills mostly at level 4 to prepare the trainee for increased levels of responsibility in relation to management and prisoners; and
. adding skills at level 4 and 5 relating to adult training to allow for facilitation of staff training programmes for more junior levels.

The qualification is obtained by achieving credits for all compulsory unit standards. A number of optional unit standards are available for use in some employment situations.

The qualification has been designed for training in the workplace, although the generic unit standards could be achieved off-job.

Holders of this certificate may progress to the National Certificate in Offender Management (Level 5) [Ref: 0975].

About the provider

Today in New Zealand, around 9,000 people will have lunch in a prison cell. This week, Corrections will manage around another 30,000 individuals serving a sentence in the community.

Corrections officers, probation officers, case managers, psychologists, instructors, nurses and programme facilitators are just a few of the many frontline staff who work with offenders in prison and the community, on a daily basis, to improve public safety and support offenders to turn their lives around. Take a look at our new frontline jobs website to learn more about working on the frontline at Corrections.

Staff based at National Office and in the regions work behind the scenes to support our 24-hour frontline operations. There are programme designers and policy advisers, as well as people working in administration, legal, property, communications, human resources, finance and information technology.

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