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National Certificate in Offender Management (Level 3)
NZQF Level 3

About the course

This qualification is designed for people who are working as officers in a prison environment in a variety of roles providing safe, secure, and humane containment of prisoners while working towards reducing re-offending.

The qualification comprises essential underpinning knowledge and skills common to all people working as officers in a prison environment and represents a range of generic skills combined with specialist offender management skills. Learning and assessment of the offender management professional skills in this qualification can only be completed while employed in a prison service.

The structure consists of a compulsory section, providing core offender management skills for all people working as officers in a prison environment; a corrections officer elective set, providing all entry level corrections officers with the skills to work across all sites within Prison Services; and a corrections inmate employment (CIE) elective set, providing people working as CIE instructors with the necessary offender management skills to perform their roles safely within the prison environment.

The qualification also includes optional standards for corrections officers that allow for recognition of additional skills for those working in specialist roles or units.

The professional skills cover the major activities officers working in a prison environment are engaged in during the course of their work and relate to:
. management and rehabilitation of prisoners; and
. management of safety and security in the prison environment.

The generic skills include:
. response to fires in the workplace;
. operating a computer;
. managing anger, time, stress, personal wellness, and change;
. first aid for common conditions and life threatening conditions;
. communication and team-work;
. report writing.

There are no prerequisites to entry. This qualification may stand alone or lead to the higher level qualifications in offender management such as the National Certificate in Offender Management (Level 4) [Ref: 0679], and the National Certificate in Offender Management (Level 5) [Ref: 0975]. Additionally, CIE instructors may progress to Adult Education and Training qualifications.

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