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Y-Skills for Life
Domestic tuition $0 per year

About the course

The purpose of the ILN programme is to; 

Raise participant’s literacy and numeracy skills, increase opportunity for people to engage in literacy and numeracy learning, offer high quality and relevant learning topics and identify learner need and gains made.  

YMCA New Zealand uses the Literacy and Numeracy for Adults National Assessment Tool to measure need, inform tailor-made programmes and measure progress:  

What you will do: 

We provide literacy and/ or numeracy training that is specific to your needs. Our programmes utilise everyday & relevant learning tasks that may cover the following topics; 

  • Job Search & Employment Skills 
  • Health and Recreation 
  • Budgeting 
  • Cooking 
  • Technology Skills and Online Safety 
  • Natural disasters 
  • Driver Licence Study 
  • Nutrition 
  • Problem solving 
  • NZ Knowledge 
  • Goal Setting  

About the provider

Everyone has heard of the YMCA but not many know all the things we do. Perhaps it is because we do so much! What we do know is that most people are really surprised when they learn the extent of the work done by the Y in New Zealand.

The first thing we at the YMCA would like everyone to understand is that we are first and foremost a national community organisation. We work for every New Zealander and we want to engage with every New Zealander in a way that is positive. Sure, at heart we are youth centred but we work with people of all ages. It’s summed up in our by-line:

We Build Strong Kids, Strong Families, Strong Communities.

It's not just a slogan – we really believe that by helping children and young people to thrive, they will make great adults and parents. By working together with families, we strengthen that most important relationship of all – family/whanau.

Building on that, we believe that connected communities are strong communities and strong communities make a great New Zealand society.