Auckland Hotel and Chefs Training School

Private Training Establishment (PTE) • 3 courses

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Here at AHCTS we will help you to achieve your ambitions. You may be pursing a new career or wishing to expand on your existing knowledge and career, either way, we are here to help you and welcome the opportunity to be involved in your future development.

We pride ourselves on our award winning reputation, the positive feedback from the hospitality industry and perhaps most importantly, the great testimonials from our students both past and present.



Auckland Hotel and Chefs Training School

The Auckland Hotel & Chefs Training School was established with six students in 1986, in Parnell. We are a private training school, which is fully accredited to teach several of the prescriptions to the Hospitality industry as offered throughout New Zealand. The school has been in the present building since 1992. Since its accreditation with NZQA in 1989, the school has put a great deal of emphasis towards culinary competitions. This has not only opened many career pathways for the students but also gained recognition and exposure to the educational field. Much of the success is attributed to the exceptional dedication and enthusiasm shown by the tutorial staff. They are committed to ensure the continued quality of teaching combined with personal skills and experience, which offer the students the gateway to a career and improved life style in many cases. The school caters for a range of groups, such as students under the Training Opportunity Programme, Youth Training and Private Fee-paying students (a maximum of 160 full-time students). We also accommodate Star and Trades courses with secondary schools. In addition to Hospitality Industry skills the trainees will receive assistance in life skills such as numeracy, literacy, personal grooming and well-being to both raise their self-esteem and their prospects of employment. Students will also be assisted finding work experience and employment during or after the course. Ref:

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