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New Zealand Certificate in Jewellery
NZQF Level 4

About the course

This qualification is for people seeking the basic skills and knowledge in jewellery design and making required to work in an entry-level position in a jewellery or associated creative industries environment.

The jewellery industry and creative and cultural sector in Aotearoa New Zealand will benefit by having trained junior jewellery assistants enter the sector.

Graduates will be capable of providing assistance under supervision in design and construction processes to produce jewellery items.

About the provider

The New Zealand School of Art and Fashion (NZSAF) was created with the merger of three individual ground-breaking training schools, each enjoying a similar reputation for excellence in art and craft. The oldest of these, Hungry Creek Art & Craft School, has been a crucible for creative thinking in New Zealand since 1993.

It was sometime later, in 2001, that Sewtec Fashion Academy (originally DAS Training) was established to offer practical, hands-on training for the apparel industry. Like Hungry Creek, it embraced core concepts of meaningful engagement and maker practice. Finally, in 2003, Peter Minturn Goldsmith School began its own unique vision of producing fine jewellers within New Zealand.

Hungry Creek Art & Craft School has always been regarded as a vibrant establishment where creative practitioners empower students and artists to realise their creative potential. Its approach to art education has always focused on developing the strengths of its students and encouraging them to innovate.

Sewtec has nurtured the careers of many talented designers who have found their niche in New Zealand’s fashion industry. Students have designed outstanding couture collections and enjoyed international acclaim.

Over the years, Peter Minturn Goldsmith School has also enjoyed critical success. It has firmly established itself as the biggest Trans-Tasman jewellery school, combining traditional craftsmanship and time-honoured techniques with the most modern developments and computer technology.

In 2018 Peter Minturn Goldsmith School amalgamated with Sewtec Fashion Academy to create a new partnership for all students with a creative passion. The blend of art with craft which was a natural evolution for NZSAF continued in 2019 with the acquisition of Hungry Creek Art & Craft School to form a single visionary place with a shared focus to deliver quality education experiences and exceptional career outcomes.