We understand, one of the most difficult choices you might face is deciding what to study. As It turns out, 55% of recent graduates in New Zealand feel like they made the wrong study decision – that’s the majority of students! Luckily, here at StudySpy we aim to help Aotearoa’s students make informed study decisions by identifying the top in demand NZ jobs.

With over 6,700 courses, from apprenticeships to degrees, in our StudySpy course comparison tool it might look daunting to pick just one. However, let us start with just one simple question:

You want a fantastic job after graduation, right?

Great! We want you to have one too!

You probably get one shot at a tertiary education and if work placement is important to you, you might want to know the most in-demand careers in New Zealand. Through researching employment data from New Zealand Now, here are the top seven NZ jobs:

  1. Accountants
    Shortage in New Zealand ✔️. Reasonable starting salaries ✔️. Comfortable Office Environment ✔️. Overseas work possibilities ✔️. Sounds like a great job!
  2. Civil Engineers
    It should be no surprise, but a large amount of New Zealand is built on active seismic fault lines *shock emoji*. As a result, there’s a massive amount of civil projects including roading, infrastructure, and housing.
  3. Medical Doctors
    Love school? Great! It takes a total of 11 years to become a GP. For this reason, everywhere in New Zealand has reported a shortage of doctors. The good news? Working as a doctor pays extremely well, with a median starting salary of $92,000!
  4. Software Developers
    Worldwide software developers are in high demand, and this remains true especially in New Zealand. There are many IT related jobs currently on Immigration New Zealand’s skill shortage list.
  5. Electricians
    Enjoy being outside? Electricians are a more hands on trade, working outside with like-minded people. These skilled workers can also start their own trade businesses later, increasing their salary potential.
  6. Veterinarian
    New Zealand is home to amazing and unique wildlife. If you are passionate about animals, there’s no better career than a veterinarian. To be a vet, it requires a five-year Bachelor of Veterinary Science course. Currently, in the rural sector there’s a vet shortage, so job prospects are very positive.
  7. Sustainable Farm Worker
    Farms in Aotearoa are the backbone of the New Zealand economy. Forward thinking farms are investing in sustainable farming, with technology changing and improving farming practices. Completing a pre-employment farming program or related qualification will keep you up to date on contemporary farming practices.

Any of those top in demand jobs in NZ catch your eye? Check out our StudySpy course comparison tool. Where you can search every course in New Zealand – from apprenticeships to university degrees, from Kaitaia to Invercargill.